Autumn 2019

I was thrilled to be able to attend the HWA Crown Awards in London. Two years ago I set off to receive my award for winning the HWA/Dorothy Dunnett Short Story Competition but all trains into London were cancelled that evening. This year I was able to attend, in my capacity as first round judge and it was a wonderful evening. I have seen the cover design for the new book about Anglo-Saxon women and can't wait to share it here! Meanwhile I am working on a collection of short stories and will be working on the sequel to Cometh the Hour in the New Year.

Summer 2019

I've spent the summer working on edits and proofs for a new book about Anglo-Saxon women, which will be published by Pen & Sword Books in 2020. Cover reveal soon, I hope! 

I was one of the judges for the Historical Novel Society short Story Competition,  and I've also been involved in the first round judging of the HWA/Dorothy Dunnett Short Story Awards. I was the winner of this competition two years ago and was honoured to be asked to judge the entries in this year's competition. 

Meanwhile, Mercia: The Rise and Fall of a Kingdom received a wonderful review from All the book Blog Names are Taken

December 2018

On the very last day of 2018 I received notification that To Be A Queen had been chosen as Historical Fiction book of the year by the review site Mr Book Squirrel. This award is really special because I didn't submit the book for review, so it was a complete surprise! You can read the original review here.

I was thrilled to be asked by Staffordshire Live for my thoughts on the portrayal of Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians, in the Netflix series The Last Kingdom. Here's the link to the interview/article, wonderfully put together by Josh Layton:

I'm also delighted that having reviewed my history of Mercia (Click to read the review HERE) Glynn Young then chose it as his nonfiction book of the year! Here's the link: 

Mercia: The rise and Fall of a Kingdom received a wonderful review from Adventures in Historyland

October 2018

I was honoured to speak at a meeting of the Garstang Historical Society. I delivered a talk about 'Anglo-Saxon Attitudes', looking at pre-Conquest outlooks on marriage, childhood, religion, death and war. I was given a warm welcome, got chatting afterwards and sold my books. A wonderful evening.

September 2018 

[Update: the book hit #1 shortly after I posted this!]

I'm delighted to announce that Mercia: The Rise and Fall of a Kingdom has been published by Amberley Books and on its second day in the big wide world is sitting at #2 in its category and has already received two wonderful reviews:

Tony Riches Blog

History: The Interesting Bits

It's available from Amazon

from Amberley and all good bookstores

August 2018

I had a wonderful time in Tamworth speaking about the Lady of the Mercians. I even met the Lady herself! If you would like to read the transcript of my talk, it's here:

June 2018

In the week of the 1100th anniversary of the death of the Lady of the Mercians, my novel, To Be A Queen, will be on special offer at 99p/99c from 12 June to 18th June 2018

May 2018

I'm delighted to announce that I have been invited to speak at the Tamworth Literary Festival on July 14th 2018. Tickets are available from this site.

November 2017

I was thrilled to learn that my story, A Poppy Against the Sky, had won the HWA/Dorothy Dunnett Short Story award. You can read the story HERE