Cometh the Hour

In seventh century England, a vicious attack sets in motion a war of attrition which will last for generations.

Four kings, connected by blood and marriage, vie for the mantle of overlord. Three affect to rule with divine assistance. The fourth, whose cousin and sister have been mistreated and whose friend has been slaughtered, watches, and waits.

He is a pagan, he is a Mercian, and his name is Penda.

By his side is a woman determined to escape her brutal past. She aids his struggle against his treacherous brother and their alliance founds a dynasty with the potential to end injustice and suppression, if only they can continue to stand together…

A story that spans generations, and travels from Sutton Hoo to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and back to the buried treasure of Staffordshire, this is the first volume of the tales of the Iclingas, the family who ruled Mercia, fighting to avenge their kin and to keep their people free.

"Cometh the Hour is historical fiction at its best. Richly detailed, it transports the reader back into 7th century Britain with all the sights, sounds and customs of the day.

This is the story of Penda of Mercia and the growth in dominance of Mercia over its warring neighbours, Northumbria, the West Saxons and the Welsh. Told through a multi-strand narrative, we get an excellent viewpoint of the different characters as a saga, with families interconnected through marriage and war. But even with the large cast, the author does an excellent job in fleshing out each character so that it wasn’t hard to keep track of who was who. I loved the central characters, Penda and his wife Derwena. Penda was intelligent, pragmatic and an excellent leader. Derwena was the perfect life-mate for him, and I loved how both supported the other to reach their goal of building a formidable kingdom.

This story has something for everyone – exquisitely researched, familial relationships, kingdom building, loss and treachery. Highly recommended."

Cometh the Hour has been honoured with a Discovering Diamonds award, as well has being chosen as their Book of the Month September 2017, it has received an IndieBRAG Medallion and a Chill with a Book Readers' Award

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